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Superstition Mountains ‘big draw’ for one developer, Pinal County says

(Source: ApacheJunctionIndependent): Richard Dyer – A developer is in awe of the Superstition Mountains and is looking at having a facility in Apache Junction, a Pinal County economic development official said.

“We have a perfect place for a conference center with that view out there,” Apache Junction mayor Jeff Serdy said at the Oct. 2 Apache Junction City Council work session to Tim Kanavel, Pinal County economic development manager. “Right now we’re losing them to Maricopa County,” Mayor Serdy said.

“Well hopefully we may have some good news for you. Maybe in about a year. We’ll just leave it at that. Because things are ongoing and right down the same lane you’re talking about. And one of the big things – the big draw – was the Superstition Mountains,” he said.

“Awesome,” Mayor Serdy said.

“They thought that that was probably the most beautiful sight,” Mr. Kanavel said. “And let me tell you, this would be a pretty good size,” he said of the development.

A hotel and resort is being considered at U.S. Highway 79 and 60, Mr. Kanavel said. It is the entrance to Queen Valley.

“It’s going to be out the road a little ways but it’s going out at 79 where 60 meets. You know, that old Texaco station? We have a company that’s buying that whole area,” he said. “They’re looking to put in a big resort back in that area too.”

County manager

“We’re just grateful to have the Pinal County manager with us and enjoyed working with them over the years and look forward to their presentation,” Apache Junction City Manager Bryan Powell said prior to Mr. Kanavel and Pinal County Manager Greg Stanley speaking at the work session.

“I echo what Bryant says. We have this great relationship with the city of Apache Junction and I see it doing nothing but getting better,” Mr. Stanley said to the council.

He spoke about six strategic goals for Pinal County:

•Dynamic live-work-play communities.
•Business needs met to assure stability and growth.
•Infrastructure fosters growth and sustainability.
•Sound and safe financial stewardship.
•Talented employees who serve citizens well.
•Technology that results in safety and efficiency.

A focus is on the San Tan Valley east of Queen Creek and south of Apache Junction.

“One of the areas we really have been focusing on is that San Tan Valley area – the fast-growing unincorporated area. We have a desire to come up with a plan for that area that we can adopt as part of our county’s overall comprehensive plan and will that area growth, identify where the government structure should be, future commercial real estate,” Mr. Stanley said.