Scottsdale Fashion Square

Scottsdale Fashion Square Proposal Slated for City Council Dais

(Source: ScottsdaleIndependent) – Scottsdale Fashion Square expansion proposal — one believed to have potential to bring in millions of dollars in local remits for the city — is on the Scottsdale City Council’s Tuesday, Aug. 29 agenda.

Macerich, a California-based developer of retail commercial space, is seeking approval from municipal leaders to expand the mall along Highland Avenue by amending the zoning restrictions on the 56-acre site and increasing building heights up to 150 feet.

The Scottsdale City Council meeting will be 5 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 29 at City Hall, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd.

Sitting on the northwest corner of Camelback and Scottsdale roads and surrounded by several other retail shops, office buildings and restaurants is the retail shopping keystone community leaders say generates over $10 million a year — which is about 7 percent — of total city sales tax remits.

The Development Review Board heard this case on Dec. 15, 2016, and recommended approval with a 6-0 vote. Planning Commission reviewed the application on June 28, and recommended approval with a 5-0 vote.

Residents neighboring Scottsdale Fashion Square filed a legal petition on Friday, July 14. (submitted photo)

On Friday, July 14, a group coined the “SFS Mall Oversight Group, Inc.” filed a legal protest with Scottsdale City Clerk Carolyn Jagger, including 294 signatures of residents living to the north and to the west of the mall. The protest was deemed invalid, according to a city staff report.

The mall expansion application aims to amend the zoning district map in order to establish the framework for future development of the mall property, according to the city staff report. At most, the proposal could accommodate up to 1.8 million additional square feet of commercial floor area, and 1,625 dwelling units.

The development proposal includes potential future land uses including additional retail, office, hotel, restaurant, multifamily residential and a grocer.

In an estimate created with example purposes for this project, developers believe a cumulative direct economic impact to the city of Scottsdale could exceed $17 million, the staff report states. The estimate includes a 200-room hotel, a grocery store and 1 million square feet of office uses with tenants, over a five-year period.

In addition, the applicant is seeking approval of a development plan for the proposal, which includes the conceptual future development plan, building height and setbacks plan, traffic plan and landscape and architectural design guidelines.

The site consists of the existing Fashion Square property, and extends south of east Camelback Road to east Via Soleri Drive, encompassing Nordstrom’s department store and garage. The site does not include the Dillard’s department store and associated surface parking, or the Amtrust Tower, the report specifies.

Support for and against this project has been filed with the city council and publicly voiced at Planning Commission hearings.

Scottsdale Fashion Square first opened in 1961, as an open-air center featuring a Goldwater’s Department Store and a handful of specialty shops. Today, more than 200 shops and restaurants call the mall home.