Arizona RV Sales

La Paz County Assessor’s provides checklist for Arizona RV Sales, Recreational Vehicles and Mobile Homes

(Source: ParkerPioneer): Kimmey Olsen – The Assessor’s Office presents this checklist of what to do for Arizona RV sales, mobile homes, and recreational vehicles. Winter visitors have a difficult time when selling units and the buyers do not follow through the get the ownership changed.  The Assessor’s Office hopes this information will be helpful in these transactions.

Seller signs title and gives to buyer.

  • Seller keeps a copy

Seller provides bill of sale to buyer.

  • Make sure to have all contact information for the buyer and the seller on the bill of sale.
  • Seller keeps a copy

Buyer takes title to the Motor Vehicle Division and obtains new title.

Buyer provides assessor a copy of the new title to transfer mobile home account into their name.

  • Seller should make sure buyer transfers the title.
  • We suggest going buyer and seller go to the motor vehicle office and assessor’s office together.
  • It is the seller’s responsibility to make sure the buyer transfers the title and provides the assessor with      documentation.

If the buyer decides to put an Arizona license plate and pay for the tags through the Motor Vehicle Division.

  • Buyer should advise assessor to make sure there is no double taxation.
  • Buyer needs to provide copy of title and registration to assessor so account can be deactivated.

Personal property taxes are between buyer and seller.

  • A new tax bill is not generated for the buyer.
  • Buyer can pay tax bill even if it is in seller’s name.
  • If the seller opts for a license plate, the seller is still responsible for any taxes for that calendar year.

The buyer is going to move the mobile home.

  • Buyer needs to request a 504 permit through assessor before moving.
  • All property taxes must be paid before 504 permit is issued.

The buyer purchased the mobile home or RV but not the improvements (awnings, shed, etc.)

  • The seller will still receive a personal property statement for remaining improvements.
  • If the seller sells improvements to another buyer, the seller needs to provide assessor with bill of sale and all information on new owner.